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Full-Stack Open Source Developer



First of all, we do not believe in fixed job descriptions. We write out this job listing to shortly pitch what we feel is important. But we also want to listen to you and what your interest are. The main thing required is a passion for Open Source. The dates for this opportunity are simply guidelines/flexible and we want to decide the start date with you.

Since we are expanding we are looking for someone who intends to stay with Inuits long term, this can be in Belgium or abroad.

Depending on level of knowledge and experience, the salary is open to negotiation.

Working Hours: Flexible (trainee can choose, just need to get work done/ 8h workdays)

Working hours

Monday to Friday, 09:00am - 5:00pm


Developing for internal projects or as consultant for a client. This can be front-end or backend work, mostly in Php, Pyhton, Typscript and Vue but other languages are also possible.
Setting up a local development environment for the project to work on with docker.
Working with the operation teams to set up a CI/CD pipeline to get the project running on the required environments.
Using Open source tools and operating system to complete your tasks and also contributing back to open source project.
Working in an agile development team and sharing knowledge with your peers.

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