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Junior Supply Chain Maestro

Rolling Square

Your Mission: Propel customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by skillfully navigating inventory, shipping, and production in our fast-paced environment.

Rolling Square is a cutting-edge consumer electronics company founded in 2014 by two young brothers with a mission to enhance people's lives through innovative tech products. With a focus on functionality, quality, design, and minimalism, our team has built a community of hundreds of thousands of tech minimalists and launched numerous successful crowdfunding campaigns, raising $9m+.

As a member of Rolling Square, you'll work on groundbreaking tech that transforms the way people interact with technology, making a meaningful impact on the world. We are committed to sustainability, striving to minimize our impact on the environment through thoughtful product and packaging design. At Rolling Square, our team members are a diverse group of bright, carefully chosen individuals who are proactive and strive to excel in their respective fields.

We are here to have an impact: you should arrive prepared for massive learning, hard work, and responsibility.

Some examples of your responsibilities

• Inventory Monitoring: Keep a watchful eye on stock levels, ensuring the availability of products and tracking inventory fluctuations. This critical task helps maintain a well-stocked warehouse, avoiding stockouts or overstocking that can impact business performance.
• Strategic Stock Replenishment: Develop and implement an efficient schedule for stock replenishment, taking into account factors such as demand patterns, lead times, and storage capacities. This role ensures a smooth and uninterrupted supply of products to meet customer demands.
• Coordinated Shipments: Arrange and manage stock shipments, working closely with carriers and suppliers to guarantee timely deliveries. This responsibility involves negotiating rates, selecting carriers, and overseeing the entire shipment process, ensuring a seamless flow of goods.
• Production Stage Oversight: Monitor the various production stages, from manufacturing to packaging, to ensure products are produced according to schedule and quality standards. This involves coordinating with different departments, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing solutions to optimize the production process.
• Customer Service Liaison: Provide support to the customer service team by addressing and resolving logistics-related issues. This includes troubleshooting delivery delays, handling shipment inquiries, and ensuring customers receive timely and accurate information about their orders.
• Daily Order Management: Oversee the processing and shipping of daily orders, ensuring accuracy and prompt dispatch. This includes verifying order details, monitoring for abnormal orders or potential fraud, and initiating refunds for lost packages. As part of this responsibility, continuous improvement efforts are made by identifying frequent issues and refining processes.

Rolling Square is a Swiss-based company, Founded in 2014 by two brothers, Carlo, and Lorenzo Ferraris. Today counts a team of 10 young innovators that truly believe that technology should be a tool helping people live in a more efficient and easy-going way while keeping an eye on the footprint of the planet. They define themselves as "tech minimalists" as their interest is keeping things simple especially when it comes to integrating tech gear into people’s daily life.