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Intern - Stagiaire

Motu Novu Studio Legale S.T.A.R.L.

Motu Novu Studio Legale seeks an intern to support the firm’s attorneys in several day-to-day activities related to their practice, as is customary for the role. Based in Milan, Italy at the MNSL’s main office. Day trips around Italy and occasional domestic or international travel within Europe or to the United States.

- Provide personal and operational support to the firm’s attorneys
- Summarize cases and prepare reports for the firm’s attorneys
- Conduct research, investigate facts, and help develop legal arguments
- Monitor changes in the law and jurisprudence, and draft updates

- Base Compensation: €1000, within the limits set by the relevant University
- Opportunity to work on a wide range of assignments
- Opportunity to travel within Europe and to the USA
- Opportunity to fully develop your career

Motu Novu Studio Legale is an Italian law firm, set up as a distributed organization, modeled as a federation, and characterized by a humanist philosophy. It offers corporate and trade legal services to Italian and international businesses and investors.