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Did you just graduate? Are you graduating?

Enter the Global Trainee Program, you will be part of an ambitious international project aimed at dynamic and brilliant young people, interested in the industrial world.

You will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge, methodologies, tools and managerial techniques that will allow you to build your professional future. Tenaris offers you an insertion program through an apprenticeship contract, aimed at the development of potential in a dynamic and international environment. You will take part in technical and managerial training plans, job rotation and on the job training.

Take a look to this video to have more info about our Induction Camp:

Your first assignment will be in Business Coordination LinePipe

Carries out preliminary strategic analysis for a RFQ and launches several processes such as delivery allocation, product and logistics costs, technical product analysis, contractual terms and conditions, tax implications, HSE related issues and credit queries to several Tenaris departments and if applicable, quotation requests to suppliers.
Analyses the info received by other departments and, together with CFE, proposes a pricing strategy to address the inquiry. Prepares a ready to print offer for submission to customer in accordance with RFQrequirements, including all technical and contractual deviations and any additional information and documents as requested.
Registers offers in TS transactional systems (Dynamics) and manages updates during the different stages of business.
Upon reception of an order, performs Contract Review process and solves inconsistencies.
Is accountable for Order Acceptance process.
Requests authorizations acording to Authorization Manual for offers, previsions and variation orders during the complete development of the offers and execution phase of the contracts.
The scope is focused on a group of accounts with similarities in terms of business culture, practices, competitive environment.

Tenaris è tra i maggiori produttori e fornitori globali di tubi in acciaio e servizi per l’industria energetica mondiale e per altre applicazioni industriali. Tra i propri clienti, le principali società petrolifere mondiali. Con un fatturato nel 2020 di US$ 5,1 miliardi e circa 19.000 dipendenti in tutto il mondo, Tenaris ha una rete integrata di unità produttive, laboratori di ricerca, centri di finitura e servizi, con attività industriali nelle Americhe, Europa, Medio Oriente, Asia e Africa e una presenza diretta nella maggior parte dei più grandi mercati Oil&Gas.

TenarisDalmine - sede operativa di Tenaris in Italia - è il primo produttore italiano di tubi di acciaio senza saldatura per l’industria energetica, automobilistica e meccanica, ha 2.132 dipendenti, 5 stabilimenti produttivi, un'acciaieria ed una centrale elettrica di autoproduzione da 120 MW che, come tutti i siti produttivi di TenarisDalmine, è certificata ISO EN 14001, ISO 50001 e OHSAS 18001.