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ICT researcher for Smart Society


Research Area description

LINKS Future Cities & Communities (FCC) research domain supports private enterprises and public authorities to shape the cities and the communities of the future, accelerating the change towards innovation and sustainability through digital technologies and innovative planning , with the final goal of improving people’s quality of life.
FCC is composed of around 30 researchers with complementary competencies: transport, electric, environmental and biomedical engineers, mathematicians, computer and data scientists, urban and spatial planners.
FCC operates on 3 applied research programs: 1) Mobility & Logistics, 2) City, Climate & Environment, 3) Blockchain.
The Mobility & Logistics program includes projects in the fields of transport planning and modeling, supply chain and distribution logistics optimization, advanced traffic simulation and control, taking into account the growing diffusion of cooperative, connected and autonomous mobility, and zero emissions mobility, with a focus on vehicle2grid, smart grid and energy communities.
The City, Climate & Environment program includes innovation activities in strategic, territorial and urban planning, in the study and reduction of the impacts of climate change on society and on people's quality of life, and in the analysis of the behavior of citizens and communities in order to stimulate participation, sustainable behavior and acceptance of innovations.
The Blockchain program is focused on applied research in the field of Decentralized Ledger Technologies (DLT), including the study, design, implementation and validation of innovative blockchain-based solutions to increase the levels of democratization, security and transparency of companies and businesses and contribute to the twin transition of the cities and communities of the future, particularly in the mobility, logistics, energy and environment sectors.

Description of the activity required
LINKS Foundation is looking for a candidate passionate about shaping the future of society through the study and development of innovative solutions and applications.
The candidate will participate in the design, development, evaluation and deployment of ICT solutions for different sectors, such as control of energy supply networks, monitoring quality of life and health, planning and control of transport systems, design of innovative and environmentally sustainable districts, monitoring and control of the territory.
S/he will apply her/his skills in a dynamic team that aims to have a pivotal role in applying cutting-edge innovations within research and development projects funded by the European Commission, industrial partners or Public Authorities.

La Fondazione ha lo scopo di promuovere, condurre e potenziare iniziative e progetti di ricerca nell'ambito delle scienze politecniche dell'architettura e dell'ingegneria, con elevato grado di multidisciplinarità e volte a sperimentare processi innovativi che tengano conto del ruolo delle tecnologie abilitanti e della loro applicazione alla luce delle scienze territoriali e della capacità di creare impatto socio-economico su scala locale.