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Amplifon Records Graduate Program 2023


Amplifon Records Graduate Program will start in Autumn 2023!
Applications are open to candidates who have either already obtained their master's degree within the 6 months prior to February 2023 or will obtain it within 6 months after September 2023.

This opportunity provides a permanent contract from day 1 and it is a career accelerator program with international rotation during the first 18 months.

This International Program is designed for young talents who want to take ownership of their development and create their own tailor-made career paths taking advantage of international exposure and cross-functional projects.

We are looking for young pioneers with an open mindset, dynamic approach and aspiration to be at the forefront of innovation. Moreover, the talents we are looking for share our values and want to change thousands of lives around the world by making more possible every day with their personal contribution.


1st month – Induction @Milan, HQ: during the first month, our Talents will be involved in ad-hoc trainings to make sure they have all the support, tools and opportunities they need to grow and succeed. They will learn more about the fast-growing global market we operate in and the meaningful values that nurture our company.
6 months – Two Assignments @Milan, HQ: in the following six months the Graduates will have the chance to explore their department of interest, approaching two different teams and challenging themselves with a CSR project design within the company or the Foundation.
11 months – International Assignment: now that our Graduates know the heart of our company, they are ready to spread Amplifon values around the world. They will land in one of the 25 countries we operate in, depending on each person career path and area of development.
Graduation: after 18th months, our Talents will be ready to graduate and contribute to the company's growth by making the difference.
We will guide you during the whole journey, encouraging you to discuss your development path during every step of the way.

To apply you must:
- Get a master’s degree, within the 6 months prior to February 2023 or within 6 months after September 2023, with excellent grades
- Have a previous working experience longer than 5 months
- Have an international experience longer than 5 months
- Be proficient in English

Nice to have:
- Be proficient in one other foreign language
- Active membership with role of responsibility in Students’ Associations / Communities

- Permanent contract since day 1
- to the Leadership Team in Company’s HQ
- Opportunity to work for a purposeful company in a fast-growing market
- Co-participation in designing the company’s global strategy
- Ad-hoc development path & learning experiences
- International network & work experience
- Leave the footprint in a Sustainability project design within the company

Amplifon was founded in Milan, in 1950 by Algernon Charles Holland to provide solutions for people experiencing hearing loss after Second World War. In just a few years, the company became leader in Italy. A phase of expansion started in the 1990s, and continued in subsequent decades, establishing the company as global industry leader. Its unique knowhow, global presence and innovative business model have allowed the company to strengthen its leadership in all the countries where it operates.
Today Amplifon is the global leader in the hearing care retail market and has a global market share of more than 11%, present in 25 countries on 5 different continents with more than 9,200 points of sales and more than 18,600 people employed worldwide.
Amplifon is committed every day and at every organizational level to support the development of an increasingly sustainable business by promoting an outstanding customer experience, enhancing its people, raising awareness around hearing health and respecting the highest regulatory, ethical and moral standards.
Success in Amplifon is driven by a clear and strong purpose: empower people to rediscover all the emotions of sound and by a strong corporate culture enlightened by the following core values embraced by all our people: Customer Devotion, Personal Impact, Everyday Excellence, Forward Thinking, Acting Responsibly.