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[Travelio] Web Programmer - PHP/MYSQL


Travelio has been present on the Romanian market since 2004, developing daily IT solutions, especially for travel agencies but also for other fields.

Since 2007 we have focused on the development and implementation of Travelio / TQS software, addressing directly to travel agencies in Romania and abroad. We collaborate with a very large number of travel agencies and we are in a continuous research of the profile market, so that each client can benefit from the latest implementations and trends.
We specialize in this field, having a vast experience both for the solutions developed and based on the awards / certificates received.

The intern will handle the development of a website from concept all the way to completion. The intern must be proficient in PHP. Write clean, readable, and usable code for the website & create and maintain software documentation.
Working hours

Monday to Friday, 09:00am - 5:00pm

- Analysis and understanding of functional requirements;

- Collaboration with Management Consultants to define and develop new functionalities;

- Continuous professional evolution to implement new technologies in order to maximize efficient development;

- Tests the applications (limit cases, functionality, robustness);

- Prepares launches - collaborates with internal / external teams involved in projects;

- Integrates in the PHP code the interface received from fellow designers who are part of XHTML / CSS / JS;

- Provides efficient solutions to programming problems while respecting the established delivery deadlines;

- Ensures good communication with project team members.


The salary is tobe increased based on the performance during selection process and internship

Integration in a dynamic, motivated and experienced team;

Professional, pleasant and dynamic work environment;

Immediate allocation in projects;

Career plan and attractive salary package;

Possibility of a flexible program, remote or from the office. The balance between work and personal life is of great importance to us;

Performance bonuses;

Motivating salary depending on the experience and contribution of each colleague brought within the company.

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