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Commercial Administrator

Helitrope Ventures LLC


1. Prepare Reports, Group Risk Management (GRM), Audit Exception, advise on contractual rights and obligations
2. Administer assignments and follow up, serve as a point of contact for related questions from direct reports, analyzing data, report status and maintains historical information
3. Early identification of underwriting issues and risks, support role for all commercial, sales and administrative functions
4. Perform all duties to ensure event realization in a timely manner, Identifying expansion opportunities within existing relationships through interactions with clients
5. Processed administrative documents, prepare bids, terms and conditions, exhibits and annexes.
6. Perform general management duties and work in coordination with Service Organizations ensuring a proper preparation and execution of High-profile events.
7. Conduct proposal preparations, contract negotiations and strategies to provide for proper contract acquisition in accordance with company policies, legal requirements, and customer specifications
8. Estimation of material, equipment services, production costs, performance requirements, subcontracts, and delivery schedules to ensure accuracy and completeness.


Successful candidates are expected to have a relevant degree related to the field such as Bachelor’s in Business, Accounting, Finance, Associates, Communication, Business Administration or Management. Knowledge of commercial finance, law, documentation, accounting and data systems is required. Advanced administration experience, knowledge of the commercial sector, finances and regulations will be essential. Experience in event execution and knowledge of art venues will be an advantage.

Required experience

Previous experience in a similar or identical role will be required.

Required Skills

Candidates should have good management and communication skills, to be able to handle mid-term alterations and new business transactions. An individual of strong character who is self-motivated and proactive. Excellent numeracy, administrative and organizational skills are expected.

Helitrope Ventures is a Holding Group with business in multiple sectors which includes construction, trading, events, fashion, IT among others. Based on the in-depth understanding of economies and enterprises we have consolidated a diversified portfolio. Our Company is commitment to excellence across all of our business lines. We are continuously looking to hire creative, driven, innovative and talented professionals to play the required role in this organization, providing a career platform for employees in various industries.