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Junior Cyber Security Specialist (Rif. UNIBIC 2022-244)


Sei uno/a neolaureato/a alla ricerca di un'azienda innovativa per svolgere uno stage?

Cogli l'opportunità per conoscere aizoOn

aizoOn ti offre l’opportunità di metterti in gioco svolgendo uno stage in azienda su una delle seguenti tematiche in ambito Cyber Security:

Sviluppo Back end
Sviluppo Front end
DevOps, Networking, Sistemi
Data science: data driven approach on Cyber Security

Per favorire l’attivazione dell’iniziativa in modalità diffusa, aizoOn è disponibile a gestire i tirocini anche in modalità a distanza

aizoOn is a global technology consulting company focused on innovation

Our Vision is about using the scientific method and focus on data-driven decisions to enable a more responsible and sustainable society

Our Mission is to support our customers in their journey through the digital era, bringing strong know-how in technology and innovation

The digital economy requires new visions, technologies and organisational models We have embraced the eco-system approach: innovation happens through a co-creation process involving government agencies, individuals, public and private entities

aizoOn supports its customers in all continents (Africa, America, Asia, Europa, Oceania) in the transition to the digital age, where the boundaries between traditional sectors and companies are blurring and business models are changing at an increasingly faster pace. It adopts a digital oriented operating model, based on transdisciplinary, agile and iterative, collaborative and open logics, enabling applied innovation.