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HR Intern


Digital Transformation:

Contribute to redefine the new ways of working according to incoming challenges (from reconceptualization of smartworking to introduction of new digital tools to manage and book organizational spaces);
Rethink our digital communication process, trying to detect and ideate new ways/tools to communicate with our Boltonians and carrying out current projects (intranet/Sharepoint/digital totems exc.);
Streamline, speed up and enhance onboarding flow working on digital tools (f.e. Teams) in order to better supervise HR KPI and lead time;
Handle, improve and upscale our learning platform.

Career Path:

Contribute to prepare and supervise Assessment centers related to our junior and senior accelerator programs;
Manage all the activities related to career plans (Hackathon, managerial trainings and support to ideation of new career paths);
Actively work on filling generational gaps carrying out several age management and talent acquisition projects (scouting, partnership with Universities/technical schools).


Build and manage an editorial plan being compliant with Communication and legal requisites;
Monitor and supervise welfare activities (including dedicated trainings) focusing also on follow-ups;

Bolton Manitoba è azienda leader nel settore detergenza dei beni di largo consumo, ed è presente nel mercato italiano ed europeo con marchi storici quali Omino Bianco, WC Net, Smac, Vetril, Argentil, Last, Fornet e Merito.