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Borsa Italiana - Internship, Facility Management

Borsa Italiana S.p.A.

The Business Management & Property Contract team is present in the Facility Management Italy structure (function that covers the needs of the Group's offices on the national territory) and the team is in charge of:

- Budget process management for the Facility Italy and its monthly monitoring: predisposition and all related checks and necessary fine tunings internally and in cooperation with the Finance team.
- Monthly reports Property's costs in collaboration with Finance.
- Supplier’s contract management for the purchases of general goods and services for Italian buildings (fully for the location in Milan and partially for the locations in Rome and Isernia).
- Tender process (acquisition of all documentation needed and selection with the Property team of the contractors): once selected the contractor, preparation of all contractual and non-contractual documentation.
- Administrative management of contracts.
acquisition from suppliers of the documents requested according to the applied procedure (for the purposes of H&S).
- Business requirements management (e.g. business card, printed and stationery, external document storage, shipping, beverage …).
- Purchase order management on the financial system and of orders to the suppliers, with management and receiving of the invoices.
- Car Plan management for the Italy Group

Borsa Italiana S.p.A. è una società che si occupa prevalentemente dell'organizzazione e gestione dei mercati regolamentati di strumenti finanziari