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Project coordinator

Evolvo srl

Evolvo is looking for someone to work with the management of international Erasmus+ projects: preparation and delivery of all the useful information regarding the European project that the participants will carry out in Italy and of all necessary documents to organize the execution of the project itself. When the participants arrive in Italy, the chosen candidate will lead their orientation and will assist them in their intern experience and professional training in Italy. Evolvo’s tutor should provide the participants with all the assistance and information useful for living in Italy, for using the public transportation system and carrying out their experience in companies/ institutions/ associations/ schools. The chosen candidate must guide the students on cultural and professional visits organized during the participants’ stay. Additionally, the candidate must help in the case of problems/accidents and hardships that the participants may encounter during their stay. Before the participants’ departure from Italy, the candidate will work with the closing of the project, offering their own support in the drafting of all the final documentation by the participants and by the partners involved. Eventually the chosen candidate will work on the research of new partner companies willing to join the Erasmus+ project, by contacting them and offering them this opportunity. Skills requested: - Good knowledge of English; - Motivation to work in an international environment; - Good human relationship skills.

The tasks that the trainee will learn to develop will be: - Assistance of participants of European Projects; - Preparation and management of cultural and professional visits; - Relations with sending organizations for pre- and post-project documentation; - Extension of the partners’ network. The intern will be assisted in his training by the office manager and, at the end of the internship, will have developed the necessary skills to work independently and carry out the company activities. 

Evolvo is an organization that coordinates projects by the European Union, such as Erasmus+.
We are based in Milan and we are part of a network of similar organizations throughout the European Community.
Our job at Evolvo is to organize projects funded by the European Union. We organize the trip from the home country to Milan, the accommodation in Milan, three meals per day, insurance for the duration of the stay, local transportation, etc. In the case of Erasmus+, we have a wide range of contacts with local companies that have already taken part in international professional experiences. During the group's stay in Milan, Evolvo provides services such as an initial orientation, cultural visits, and a final evaluation of the project.