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Cybersecurity Analyst

Moviri S.p.a

Job Description:
We are hiring a Cybersecurity Analyst to work in our growing IT Security team. The successful candidate will be directly involved in designing, building and operating a secure infrastructure using the latest security technologies. A Cybersecurity Analyst is an IT enthusiast who has recently graduated, or is in the process of graduating, and desires to build his/her career in complex technological fields, both at national and international level. Analysts are team members from day one, as they participate with a positive and analytical approach to the achievement of project goals, developing experience and flexibility within different IT domains. In doing so, they find constant and spontaneous support in colleagues who share their same approach to IT, innovation, quality, and results.
Full-time position at the Milan Office.

Working on delivery of strategic IT security projects under the supervision of Senior colleagues;
Master the technologies involved in assigned projects;
Constantly learn, be open to quickly master new technologies and new challenges;
Effectively collaborate with the team, adopt best practices around high quality engineering;
Understand security frameworks and Moviri portfolio security solutions.

Moviri masters the power of transformative technologies to help companies achieve unprecedented levels of business performance.
Since its inception, Moviri has focused its consulting offering on hard technology challenges with large-scale business impact in performance engineering, security, analytics and IoT.
Our people are world-class experts in leveraging data, software and insights to help customers gain sustained competitive advantages. By working with some of the most demanding enterprise customers worldwide, Moviri has systematically spun-off, and invested in, industry-leading software companies such as Arduino, Akamas, Cleafy and ContentWise.
Founded in Italy in 2000, today Moviri is a multinational group with customers in 30 countries and offices in Milan, Boston, Los Angeles and Singapore.