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Backend Developer, Conversational AI

Vocalime S.R.L.

What you'll do:

- Develop custom voice applications for Alexa (Skills) and Google Assistant (Actions) for different industries and use cases.
- Develop custom virtual agents built through different technologies (Rasa, Dialogflow among the others).
- Develop internal tools to facilitate the development and deployment of such applications.
- Work (virtually) side by side with our technical co-founder, conversation designers and the internal dev teams of our clients, that include some of the most skilled programmers you’ll ever meet.

Where and when we work:

- We’re remote-first, we’re not remote-only. So you’ll have the option to come to our cool Milan offices if you want/can.
- We still love good ol’ face-to-face from time to time, so we hold regular team retreats.
- We have a flexible schedule. Still, we all tend to start working between 8am and 10am UTC+1 each day, to ensure there’s enough overlap between all the team members.
- Our standard work week has 36 hours. That means we’ve got half a day off each week compared to most of the other places. We can spend that extra time doing other things we love.

What you’ll get working with us:

- Full-time job on a permanent contract. Contract classification (“inquadramento”) based on seniority. €27-35k gross salary/year, adjusted according to your experience and potential.
- Laptop of your choice.
- An intellectually stimulating use of your time, passionate colleagues and a large amount of fun.

Our tools:

Our stack depends on the specifics of each project, but we mostly work with:

- Languages: Node.js, TypeScript, Python.
- Dev tools: Alexa Skills Kit, Google Actions SDK, Jovo, Rasa, Dialogflow, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, NoSQL, Git, GitHub, Terraform.
- Conversation design tools: Voiceflow.
- Project management tools: Google Workspace, Jira, Slack.

Vocalime is a design and development studio focused on voice technology and conversational AI.

We craft voice applications for Alexa and Google Assistant, voicebots and chatbots so that people don’t hate interacting with them too much and, sometimes, even go as far as enjoying them.

Our role is to support companies and brands to design and build conversational interfaces. We have great clients in Europe and the U.S. that are like partners to us, as we only take on projects that share our vision and truly excite us.