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M&A Intern - Italian mother tongue

Neulabs srl

M&A is a key player at Neulabs: focusing on origination, merger and acquisition, its role is undoubtedly crucial in business opportunities identification, valuation and finalization. The M&A team analyzes vertical marketplaces and e-commerce sellers, delivers its investment recommendations and represents the company to the potential sellers.

You are an excellent fresh graduate or still graduating, who worked hard to enter the top 10% of your year. Your analytical skills and attention to details really stand out, mixed to the quick critical thinking to identify opportunities and to drop unsuccessful ones. Your skillset ranges from entrepreneurial attitude to operative approach. In a few words, you get things done.
You speak English fluently, Italian mother tongue.

Help Analysts map the market and identify potential targets including DTC brands, vertical marketplaces, Shopify sellers, Amazon FBA and FBM sellers operating in US and European Countries
Assist to inbound calls from potential targets and reach out on potential targets
Collect preliminary information on the Targets, using internal tools and software
With the team, deliver the commercial and financial analysis of Targets (with a specific focus on Amazon FBA businesses) and make investment recommendations
Draft NBO (Non-Binding Offers) /LOI and learn how to manage interactions with the seller
Evaluate how to integrate assets into the wider portfolio after their acquisition
Understand how to identify quick wins for the first 4 weeks after the M&A


Pro-active owners. While training, we expect people to take ownership of their tasks. We are looking for people that do not expect inputs to come, but drive them
Curious professionals. Curiosity drives action, and action makes things happen. This is what lets people and company grow
Entrepreneurs with hands on mentality. M&A Interns support end-to-end deals, ranging from key decisions to drafting reports
Very good communicators. M&A Interns will establish and maintain contact with lots of internal and external stakeholders, including potential sellers
Team players. We are nice people, really. We take care of people as well as for our businesses, and we like people to join our team, not just a job opportunity

Founded in 2021 in Italy, Neulabs has a mission: to build a new consumer goods platform by acquiring and scaling winning brands. The focus is on merchants that have consistently proved to deliver superior product quality as well as outstanding customer satisfaction. The company acquires profitable Amazon FBA businesses and other online marketplaces sellers all over the world. These businesses are often easy to get started but when they succeed, they become harder to manage over time. Neulabs is able to come in and successfully manage their growth. Thanks to its extensive e-commerce expertise, Neulabs ensures that the acquired businesses will reach the next stage in their development. At Neulabs we allocate a lot of resources to the companies we acquire, including brand managers, SEO experts, PPC experts, visual designers, graphic designers, supply chain experts, etc. With this great network of professionals, we can deliver tangible value to accelerate the growth of a company.