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Trainee Junior Project Management Office


The candidate will follow a path of 6 months minimum during which he/she will participate in the implementation and planning of processes and project (attendance of preferably 8 hours per day).
He/She will learn the basis to become a Project Management Office!
Which is the role of a Junior Project Management Office?
It defines and maintains standards for project management within the organization.
The primary goal of a Junior Project Management Office is to achieve benefits from standardizing and following project management processes, policies and methods to be most effective. He/she embodies the organization's culture and strategy.
The Junior Project Management Office is the backbone of an organization, manages all the processes smoothly, creates plans, and ensures that they are followed and achieved on time.
He/She may also get involved in project-related tasks and follow up on project activities through completion, should report on project activities, problems and requirements to executive management as a strategic tool in keeping implementers and decision-makers moving toward consistent, business- or mission-focused goals and objectives.
Objectives of the internship:
To learn the profession in order to be able at the end of internship, to fulfil a variety of functions on a day-to-day basis including:
• Creating a Project Structure.
• Gathering data about project progress and producing reports.
• Developing standards and processes, helping to streamline the process, supporting in project estimation and planning, defining goals and objectives, improving the quality of the project.
• Encouraging/enforcing the use of those standards and processes respecting timelines.
• Be daily in contact with all resources involved in the projects.
• Ability to translate organization vision into a project vision.
• Knowledge of business purpose of the project and ability to make decisions within that context.
• Ability to encourage and enable people to work together as a team to accomplish the project.

Motivational aspects
• Excellent organizational and time management skills.
• Outstanding communication and presentation skills.
• Good problem solving skills, with an analytical and process driven mind-set.
• Have a desire to learn and have the ability to adapt project management processes to organization's life cycle.
• Excellent communication skills and a team player attitude.

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