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Administration & Finance Intern


We are looking for an intern for our Administration & Finance Unit, that is in charge of managing the accounting, financial, administrative and tax aspects of the University, implementing simple and linear procedures consistent with the strategic objectives of the University and offering an efficient, productive and responsible service with a constantly problem-solving oriented approach.

The person will be joining the teams Accounts Receivable and Treasury, and will be an important support for activities of different nature.

The intern will have the chance to gain a global overview of the activities of the two teams, managing accounting tasks (double-entry registrations, invoices issuing), but also being involved in the closing activities of the financial statements and managing the aspects of the virtual shop (parameterizing new products, checking critical transactions, supporting customers and the Units involved).

Some of the main activities are:

Accounts Receivable team:
- Configuration of products for online sales on the Magento platform and related support to the University's operating Units;

- Updating of programs on the CRM system and production of reports;

- Accounting records (e.g. closing of accounting positions for expired students, accounting transfers for accommodation deposits, …).

Treasury team:
- Acceptance of accounting receipts;

- Encoding of receipts and related accounting.

Bocconi University has become an international reference point for research and teaching in the world.
However, it is not only a world-leading institution, but also a fast-paced international company based on values such as merit, honesty and commitment to quality. To keep up with the constant evolution and innovation, Bocconi staff must be able to face challenges and quickly adapt services to increasingly high standards.
For this reason, we are currently looking for brilliant young graduates, willing to join a professional team of six hundred people and be part of the everyday management of the institution.