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Market research& Consumer Insight- Jumpstart Executive

MetrixLab Italia SRL

As a JumpStart Executive, you will be part of the ‘Trailblazer’ cohort on our accelerator pathway via a highly engaging and finely curated program of learning and doing, over 2 years.

What you can expect in your first 2 years:
-A hands on and supportive manager as well as buddies to support you every step of the way
-A 2 year plan laid out with clear objectives to be met at each level and rewards recognizing your hustle needed to smash through these objectives on your way up
-MRS certification on Research Foundations
-“Always on” training modules, to keep you developing and learning!
-Specific expertise focus, defined by experience level to ensure you gain proficiency across our key Brand and Comms and Product Innovation solutions
-In your second year, 1-3 month paid secondments are available, to any of our lovely EU offices of your choice (Paris, Milan, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Switzerland, London, Barcelona) or to work either with our local market teams or our global innovation team, to get a taste for the inner workings of our solutions, global key clients and be part of some of our innovation initiatives
-Hybrid WFH policy to balance flexibility, team bonding and learning
-And most importantly, a tight knit, fun team who make logging into work everyday exciting!! (the Friday drinks also helps)

MetrixLab è un’agenzia di ricerche di mercato leader a livello globale, con expertise in Brand Engagement, Product Innovation e Customer Value.

MetrixLab combina tecnologie digitali all’avanguardia, copertura globale e un approccio agile ed efficiente, per aiutare le aziende a prendere decisioni di business più velocemente e in modo più smart.

Nata all’inizio degli anni 2000, è una “nativa digitale”, e tra le aziende globali di ricerche di mercato, quella in più rapida crescita

MetrixLab è un vero e proprio disrupter nell’industria, veloce ed efficiente, con processi digitalizzati e cloud based.