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BNP Paribas Securities Services – Corporate Trust Services – Product team

BNP Paribas Securities Services - Succursale di Milano

Business Overview of BNP Paribas Corporate Trust Services – Product team
Product team supports the implementation of CTS debt deals and ensure Local product development.
As member of the CTS product Team the candidate is required to take care about the subjects that have been individually assigned in the yearly appraisal (objectives assignment process).

Primary Responsibilities and related actions
The resource, within the team, will support under the supervision of senior members the following activities:

• Management of the overall transactions in the pre-closing phase, in particular in relation to legal aspects and review of transaction legal documents, dealing with internal legal team, external legal counsels and central team, providing answers to non-operational questions and requests coming from CTS counterparts;
• Understand P&L drivers and trends, Contribute to product P&L by proposing routes to gather new revenues and decrease expenses
• Contribute to revenues growth ensuring assistance to sales. Pricing definition.
• Develop and get approval for new products - NAC Management
• Support Global product developments and liase with the CTS product colleagues in the other countries, support harmonisations, best practices sharing and ideas fertilisation
• Perform analysis of evolutions of market and regulatory changes and manage product strategy, enhancements, adaptations accordingly, including lobbying
• Contribute to relationship management with key stakeholders (Legal advisors, originators,…)
• Direct management of the activities associated to certain roles / services offered ( RON / Security agent)
• Ensure that risks associated with our services are clearly understood, validated and under control
• Ensure local product documentation and coordinate with Marketing function to ensure visibility for our product
• Ensure proper sharing of information within the branch and across the locations as appropriate
• Contribute to the assessment of our competitive positioning, benchmarking the service to competitor’s offer
• Ensure innovation in any of his /her daily activities

Banche eWho we are
Bnp Paribas Securities Services is the biggest depositary bank in Italy. It offers administrative, securities depository and custody services and operates throughout the investment cycle providing post-trading solutions to institutional investors, financial intermediaries and issuers. The Italian BNP Paribas Securities Services pole has a capital and value added services of EUR 812 billion in custody, EUR 148 billion of administered assets, over 20 million of processed transactions, 550 managed funds and over 500 people. The Bank is present in 34 countries all over the world, it offers a global coverage in 100 markets and solutions for all types of financial products.
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