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Product Data Specialist Support

De Agostini Publishing S.p.A.

The intern will take part in support the Product Data management area in:
• New products/collections/subscriptions/parcel plans correct entry into the products master data system (PMD) following the marketing intentions with the involvement of other departments to obtain all the necessary information; being able to question and correct non-coherent information;
• Ensure modification of products and subscription plans based on Marketing team in the timely manner, ensuring quality control and - reducing the number of errors;
• Check products data on accuracy and correctness;
• Ensure that errors, if any, are resolved in a timely manner
• Acquire knowledge of the product master data tool (PMD), being able to be a reference for Marketing about the product master data possibilities to manage with the actual tool (and in a future with the improvements forecasted).

De Agostini Publishing S.p.A. è la principale area di business di De Agostini Editore, presente in Europa occidentale e orientale, Russia, Giappone e America Latina. De Agostini Publishing è leader nel mercato del collezionabile, con una produzione, sia cartacea sia digitale, che spazia da corsi e prodotti soft-educational per ragazzi e adulti, al modellismo, alle raccolte musicali, ai flow pack.