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Data scientist


Data scientists help organizations to solve vexing problems. Combining computer science, modeling, statistics, analytics, and math skills—along with sound business sense—data scientists uncover the answers to major questions that help organizations make objective decisions.

Develop a comprehensive and deep understanding of the crop modelling data we work with and foster learning with colleagues using analytical tools and applications to broaden data accessibility and advance the company's proficiency/efficiency in understanding and appropriately using the data.
Stay current with and adopt emergent analytical methodologies, crop modelling tools and applications to ensure fit-for-purpose and impactful approaches. Choosing and using the right analytical approach for each task.
Apply rigor in analytical methods; plan for data processing; design a fit-for-purpose analysis plan.
Communicate findings to the team and participate in meetings to present your insights.

At least two simulations run for mono-cropping systems and two simulations run for multi-cropping systems, using a crop-modeling tool provided by the company.

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