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Italian teacher


AIESEC University are language workshops lasting during the winter semester (October - December) where native speakers provide lessons for high school and university students. The candidate should have experience in teaching languages. We are looking for an open-minded, creative, motivated and well-organized person who loves languages and has passion for teaching others. The lessons will be conducted in groups of around 6-8 people, pairs and in an individual way in language proficiency from A1 and higher. The candidate will be responsible for preparing educational plan and materials for students. The working hours will depend on the number of attendees, but we count preparation time in it. Nevertheless, the minimum salary of 350 PLN per week will be paid during the whole experience. The project starts on 18.10.2021 and finishes on 21.12.2021. It is OBLIGATORY to arrive in Poland 7 days before beginning language classes (11.10.2021) to get prepared.


Conducting individual, pairs and group classes twice a week (max 8 people in the group)
Students with various language proficiency - from A1 (beginner) to C1 (advanced)
Lessons for group classes are twice a week and each lasts 90 minutes (online version possible)
Lessons for pairs and individuals last 60 min twice a week (online version possible)
Working minimum of 35 hours per week (including preparation time)
Sharing knowledge about your country’s culture
Preparing innovative methods of teaching language
Preparing materials for each lesson
Checking students' knowledge systematically
Taking part in Global Village and other activities organized by AIESEC

AIESEC è un’organizzazione internazionale nata nel 1948 interamente gestita da studenti. Promuove un network di scambi internazionali e mira al raggiungimento della pace e dello sviluppo del potenziale umano, sbloccando caratteristiche di leadership tra i giovani tramite esperienze all’estero in contesti stimolanti. Insieme ad altre organizzazioni partner, AIESEC facilita esperienze di volontariato, stage e stage retribuiti all’estero.