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Sales Performance Analyst


Reporting to the HDEP of GGEI, the Sales Performance Analyst of Galileo Global Education Italia (GGE Italia) is responsible for developing and monitoring all the funnel performances from prospect behaviour patterns, to trigger events, to final enrolment results of GGEI Institutions providing insights, trends, forecasting support and recommendations to Managing Directors, Head of Sales and Digital Marketing Manager at each Institution. The job holder constantly works with official tools of the institution (CRM, BI platform, ERP, web analytics, etc..) and creates appropriate KPI for monitoring leads generation, lead conversion, admitted and enrolled and provide precise information in order to maximize opportunities for each Institution all over the world and the accomplishment of all quality/sales targets.
The job holder joins the innovation projects team as an active member in order to deeply contribute on a its design, data tracking setting and be consequently able to grant its data monitoring/reporting/analysis. The Sales Performance Analyst is member of Institutional Full Marketing Meetings and her/his presence can be requested for School Full Marketing Meeting as necessary.
Key purpose of the role
• Be responsible for developing, assessing, monitoring and enhancing sales tools and methodologies (also in collaboration with Galileo Global Education Corp as necessary) to approach issues and opportunities starting from facts, granting a data driven culture within the group; think out of the box being disruptive in the view and analysis approach.
• Be an active team member for the design of new sales tools/opportunities in order to contribute to their proper development granting the correct data setting and deep understanding of related logics and processes allowing a consequent reliable monitoring/reporting and granting successfull understanding of related insights
• Finalize constant sales report (from “lead” to “enrolled”) and periodical sales analysis and trends, also merging internal and external data, providing Institutions with consequent recommendations (channels, products, areas, etc...); ensure information is correctly processed and accurate.
• Grant periodical visibility to MD’s, Head of Sales, Digital Marketing Manager and to CEO GGE Italia about performances, risks, opportunities and any other sales KPI’s to be monitored (eg. conversion rates at each funnel stage,...).
• Be responsible not only to identify key insight but also to “communicate” them properly or “translate” them into business common language, strategies and tactics to allow Institutions to meet their enrollment targets.
• Provide key insights in order to optimize sales, marketing and customer service processes and operations.
Ensure and provide Institutions with periodic and specific training sessions on sales analytics and related tools (CRM, BI platform, ERP, web analytics, etc..)
• Work collaboratively with Managing Directors, IT department, Head of Sales,

Galileo Global Education is a post-secondary education group which operates under strong positioned brands and focused on providing students with access to higher education in the fields of applied arts, design, communication, health and management, in selected countries around the world.

Galileo’s institutions provide academic programmes in the following: fine art, animation, video game, graphic and motion design, interior design, fashion design and fashion business, as well as communication management, film and TV, gastronomy, tourism, education, law and business administration. Our institutions combine academic preparation with practical applications to provide career-oriented programmes in the constantly evolving world of higher education.