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Software Engineer


We are looking for a talented Software Engineer that will be involved in the analysis, definition, design, construction, maintenance and modification of LIST products.
You will become a part of a fast-growing team where you will be surrounded by both experienced and junior level colleagues, all sharing a common passion for technology.
If you are looking for a stimulating environment and you are interested in developing technical specialized skills in the finance industry, we are happy to offer you this career opportunity.

Job Summary & Responsibilities
• Writes new software, makes modifications to existing software applications and modules with a focus on reducing latency and improving performance system.
• Translates technical requirements and design documentation into application code and modules.
• Helps maintain code quality, organization and automatization.
• Makes suggestions for problem solutions or software enhancements.
• Carries out unit testing, ensuring application meets needs of client and business.
• Contributes to and maintains technical documentation/manual related to assigned components to ensure supportability.
• Uses disciplined software development processes, adhering to industry standards, software best practice guidelines and security and cybersecurity company policies.

LIST is one of the many silent tales in Italian history, which has led a micro-company to become an international success.
Today we offer facility management and application management services through hosting infrastructure in Europe and North America.

LIST designs state-of-the-art technological solutions and services to manage the increasing operational complexity of electronic trading, compliance and risk management, helping Financial Institutions and Exchanges throughout the world.
Our success is driven by competence, innovation, service quality and commitment to our customers.