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Front-end Developer

Nextbit s.r.l.

As a Front-end Developer at Nextbit, you will develop new products and services that leverage the most advanced open-source programming & algorithms for design purposes to transform user experiences and businesses.
You will be working with a small team of highly talented visualization experts, data scientists, AI experts, and data architects. Job-related activities require pair-programming, testing, code-review, collaboration within a team with analytical skills, design and UX skills, business acumen and sound programming.
The role also includes participation in new business ideation and business know-how in the following industries: banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, retail, logistics, telecommunication, manufacturing.

Nextbit, with head offices in Milan (Italy) is a consulting company focused on the utilization of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to solve challenging problems and create innovative solutions. Our experts in artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, data engineering and user experience enable the evolution of a number of top multinationals by creating new services, new products, improving the knowledge-base and decision making processes. Accuracy is at the hearth of Nextbit, we know that in order to make fact-based business decisions and evolve, it's vital that data and information be relevant, reliable, easy to interpret and readily accessible. This forms the basis of any project we undertake. With this objective in mind, Nextbit is methodical in its approach to data analysis; from project objective definition, to data gathering and diagnostic, and ultimately in data transformation, model development and implementation. The vision (and mission) is to make Nextbit a strategic innovation partner for our clients. Since inception, we have built on this vision by delivering high quality projects and solutions, created a strong team culture based on respect and collaboration; ensured that rewards and objectives are not based on monetary results but on successful projects, satisfied clients and enthusiastic colleagues.