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Statistical Analyst - Credit Risk Internship


The Statistical Analyst (SA) is a person with a deep knowledge in Statistics, someone who’s interested in crunching numbers and gaining experience in a broad range of finance topics.

Her/his main responsibilities will be:

- Develop statistical models to analyze and forecast time series.
- Develop tools to model Credit Risk metrics (PD, LGD, …).
- Produce and maintain readable code in the main statistical software (R/ Stata / SAS).
- Collaborate to the realization of Iason’s development projects

Modern Finance Industry is dynamic and fluid.
To drive the value, you must truly understand the risks and price them in offered products. To do this, you need analytics and models that are all encompassing, and based on concepts and practices actually used by market participants. Iason provides the quickest and easiest way to implement effective solutions to the fast changing derivatives environment.

Iason provides solutions that enable managers, risk-control officers and front office people to understand and value their portfolios. All solutions are built on the principles of soundness, accuracy, and clearness.

Soundness drives concepts based on the most advanced available theory and most accepted market practices. Accuracy drives analytics and modeling that are all-encompassing.

Clearness drives easy to understand results.