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Artificial Intelligence Research Scientist


The Business Model and Innovation area leverages a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds and skills. Specifically, the group consists of industrial, IT, cinema and materials engineers, as well as economists. Furthermore, 75% of the team holds a PhD, an experience that contributed to provide depth to domain-specific skills and to strengthen methodological approaches. During almost twenty years of activity, the research group has built an internationally recognized reputation in terms of strategic support to innovation, impact assessment of public policies, data exploitation through intelligent agents and design of user centered solutions.

The team supports public and private decision makers in the exploitation of information and telecommunications technologies as a strategic lever for sustainable development, using an interdisciplinary approach, oriented to the generation of value for private actors and for society. The research group carries out a strategic support and technological innovation activity addressed to companies, public bodies and the third sector.

The research activity carried out aims at promoting innovation in the process of data valorisation, with a dual focus on business models and technology. In particular, the investigation activity is aimed at clarifying how new business models can be connected with the introduction of emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, for the generation of competitive advantage and impact on society.

The candidate will have a significant influence on our overall research agenda by helping answering key research questions, contributing to develop our toolkits, test ideas, and apply the best practices that enable a successful porting of this research into innovation projects. Join us if you want to apply your skills in a dynamic team that aims to have a pivotal role in revolutionising the way intelligent agents interact with people.

MSc or PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or related technical discipline

Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team;

Research and implement novel approaches to make improvements from state of the art approaches
Participate in the design, development, evaluation, deployment in a controlled setting and updating of data-driven models
Participate in project delivery and in meetings to support the team’s efforts
Co-tutoring of master students and interns

La Fondazione ha lo scopo di promuovere, condurre e potenziare iniziative e progetti di ricerca nell'ambito delle scienze politecniche dell'architettura e dell'ingegneria, con elevato grado di multidisciplinarità e volte a sperimentare processi innovativi che tengano conto del ruolo delle tecnologie abilitanti e della loro applicazione alla luce delle scienze territoriali e della capacità di creare impatto socio-economico su scala locale.