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Data Processor

Haier Europe

The stageur will actively support the After Sales Service Communication and Marketing Manager in the following activities:

- Collect all the relevant information related to all Countries to be placed on the Websites and Warranty cards (Haier, Candy, Hoover, Rosieres, etc)
- Contact numbers (ownership and validate legal process – Call Center, Warranty and Ext Warranty) Haier Office details if required or Distributor Details if required
Website details
Email Addresses
Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc)
Communication (other info relevant for customers to enter into contact with Haier Europe)

Check all Websites to ensure information is correct and updated, follow-up to ensure all changes are carried out.
Work through Category of Business Sector to update
Product stickers on the products
Warranty Cards

Haier Europe is a branch of Qingdao Haier Group, a global leader in home appliances, founded in 1989 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange from 19th November 1993. Since founded, Qingdao Haier has grown by meeting customer needs through its strategic commitment to innovation, branding, R&D, and intelligent manufacture, as well as domestic and international expansion, becoming one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home appliance goods. The Group’s vision is to become also the global leader in IoT for smart home appliances. The Qingdao Haier Group has today a global market share based on volumes of 15.1% on major appliances, 22.7% on freestanding refrigeration appliances and 19.8% in home laundry appliances (source: Euromonitor International) and a global turnover close to m$40. From January 2019, after merging the operations of Candy Group, Haier Europe ranks fifth. Haier Europe can count on highly successful brands such as Candy, Hoover, Rosières, Haier, GE Appliance and Fisher & Paykel respectively aiming to become the consumers’ top of mind in their own market segments and geographies. Haier Europe is headquartered in Brugherio, Italy.