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Professorship in Midwifery


• If required: Establishment and management of a midwifery teaching and research
• Significant participation in the establishment of a “Midwifery” degree programme
• Holding courses in the new „Midwifery” degree programme and in existing degree
• The teaching brief of the professorship includes the development and implementation
of innovative and modern teaching methods, including the development of
elearning content, as well as the organisation of (specialised) compulsory optional
courses and the further development of the range of degree programmes.
• Research and development activities in the field of applied midwifery, taking „evidence-
based practice” into account.
• Supervision of study projects.
• Initiation of application-oriented research and transfer work in the field of midwifery.
• In addition, you will hold joint courses for other degree programmes at the university
if necessary.

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