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Middle Office Employee

Generali Group

Middle Office AM guarantees active and suitable support to the Front Office Units dedicated to Portfolio Management.

Middle office in particular, it carries out the following activities
• Validation of the operational simulations of the portfolio managers and filing of the controls;
• Communication to the various front office units of the authorization to transmit orders to market;
• Communication to the various front office units of the instructions given by customers: mandate opening, contributions, withdrawals, changes in the investment line, closings, transfer of financial instruments;
• Receipt of specific instructions given by customers, and validation of their formal correctness;
• Liquidity control for the execution of the simulated orders
• Preparation of actions aimed at making available the need for liquidity for the accounting of fees, expenses, taxes and stamp duty;
• Control of the asset allocation weights with respect to the operations planned;
• Verification of the execution performed on the real portfolio of the representative sample of the entire related investment line;
• Verification of the successful completion of all orders sent daily;
• Liquidity control for the execution of the operations performed;
• Transmission of orders and registration of transactions related to funds / sicav that do not pass through the all funds circuit and arrangement of payments related to subscriptions of funds / sicav;
• Accounting of ucits positions with counterparties;
• Check that the conferred securities on the mandates have been previously validated and managed by the head of the various front office unit . Monitor that all related activities are compliant with management standards as well as the limits relating to conflicts of interest;
• Management of the table containing the management and contractual limits of each management line; in the case of management with protected capital, verification of the parameterization activity managed by the front office;
• Periodic monitoring and in any case at least once a month, of the emergency of the mandates to the management and contractual limits and to the model portfolios; - at least monthly check of compliance with the limits relating to conflicts of interest;
• Monthly monitoring of the dispersion of the performance of the mandates belonging to the same management lines and having a reference model portfolio;
• Support to the risk and capital adequacy department (which carries out activities aimed at monitoring the risk-return of the portfolios under management) for the periodic unloading of the positions of the management lines;
• Monthly drafting of the "middle office report", a document which summarizes the results of the main control activities carried out.

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